My Guitars

My two main guitars today are my B-Big Custom and my Outdoor Custom built by the Swiss Master Luthier Lukas Brunner

Brunner B-Big Custom

Brunner Outdoor Custom

Jumbo style body

Flying Top construction

East Indian Rosewood back and sides

Swiss alpine spruce top

Ebony bridge and Fretboard

Five piece neck – mahogany, curly maple and ebony

Curly maple binding

Florentine cutaway

Shadow NanoMag pickup built into the fretboard

1 3/4 ” neck width

Chrome Goto 510 1:21 tuners

Small body style

Flying Top construction

African “Bee wing” Magogany back and sides

Cedar top

East Indian Rosewood bridge and fretboard

Detachable full scale neck

Back pack carrying case

Venetian cutaway

LR Baggs active iBeam onboard microphone

1 3/4 ” neck width

Mini Goto self locking tuners